Artisan ciabatta bread.

Artisan ciabatta bread.

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  1. phyllisdiviesti

    can you please convert the grams into cups
    I made the bread by guessing the conversion not bad

    1. Bincy Chris

      while making bread, we don’t need to be very precise on the measurements..but the point is that we should know the consistency of our final bread dough.If its too tough we can add more liquid and if its too wet, we can add more flour.But as this is a no knead bread, we are not able to feel the dough; and so if we use cup measurements we may not be able figure out if our dough is right consistency..That is the reason why I didn’t give cup measurements (as cup measurements may vary).Anyhow the equivalent measurements are Flour 350g (2 and 3/4 Cups loosely packed which is approximately 357g) Water 280 ml(1 cup+3 tbsp is approximately 279 ml) ;Considering 1 cup as 236 ml.Hope this helps.

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