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ciabatta rolls

Ciabatta Rolls

These Ciabatta rolls are soft and airy inside, with that perfect crunchy, crackly crust.We can make these ciabatta buns with ony four basic ingredients.
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 20 mins
proofing including cold proofing 1 d 4 hrs
Total Time 1 d 4 hrs 50 mins
Course Breakfast
Cuisine American, Italian
Servings 6 Ciabatta rolls


  • 350 g Flour approximately 2 and 3/4 cups (loosely packed)
  • 280 ml Water approximately 1 cup + 3 tbsp-1 tsp
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Instant Yeast 1 and 1/4 tsp if active dry yeast


1.Prepare The Dough

  • Into a bowl add the water, salt and yeast.Stir to dissolve the salt and yeast in water.Then add the flour and combine them all together. Make sure there are no dry patches of flour left behind and our dough forms a smooth homogenous dough.

2.Proof The Dough

  • Cover the bowl with a plastic film and let the dough sit and rise at room temperature or on the counter top for 2 hours.
    After 2 hours of fermentaion,take the bowl and let the dough cold proof in fridge.

3.Stretch and Fold The Dough

  • Take the dough out of fridge.
    We are going to stretch and fold the dough three times in every 30 minutes.
    To stretch and fold the dough, lightly damp your fingers in water(this will prevent the tendency of dough to stick to our hands) and pull up on the side of the dough and fold it back down on itself.Turn the bowl 90 degrees and repeat.Do this until you have stretched and folded all 4 sides of the dough.We will do this for three times in every half an hour.

4.Divide and Shape the Dough

  • Now after 2 hours (after three round of folding and proofing for half an hour)transfer the dough on to a well floured work surface.We need to take care not to deflate the air bubbles .Dust the top of the dough with some more flour.This dough is very sticky ..but we can handle it by dusting the dough with flour.
    Stretch the dough to form a rectangle and then divide it into small squares or to any shape you prefer.
    As in the video,I divided the dough into 6 approximate equal squares.
    Now place each of these squares on to another well floured work surface .Dust the top of them with some more flour and cover them with a plastic film.

5.Final Proofing

  • Let the shaped dough squares sit and proof for another half an hour.

6.Bake The Ciabatta Rolls

  • After 30 minutes of proofing, take the proofed dough and then gently place them onto a parchment lined sheet.I have used my cooling rack for this.
    Using a bench scraper would be of great help during this time.
    Now they are ready to go into the oven.
    Slide the parchment paper onto the preheated baking stone or onto the preheated inverted baking tray.
    And spray with some water immediately .
    Close the oven door.
    Bake at 425F for first 15 minutes and then reduce the temperature to 375 F and bake for another 5-8 minutes.
    It may seem the bread is done at 15 minutes of baking but we need to wait for another 5 minutes(at lower temperature 375 F)..to get that right flavor and crispy crust.


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